After 20 years of dedication and research, we would like to offer you a breakthrough in one of the most basic elements of every gastronomic culture. By combining modern technology with the best artisan processes we have managed to produce a type of bread with very special characteristics: CRYSTAL BREAD ®.

The term “CRYSTAL” BREAD comes from the extraordinary crisp texture of its crust and the lightness of the almost inexistent dough, which makes it a totally translucent product.

Precooked and then frozen at -19ºC, the final baking before serving only takes between 5 and 8 minutes - depending on the oven temperature.

We make two types of bread, two types of texture, two levels of flavour intensity.

Our rigorous quality control and large production capacity mean we can guarantee daily delivery to anywhere in the country.

Let your customers discover Crystal Bread and you will see it become a “premium” product among your gastronomic offerings.